Cristiana Chan

I found the ideal house I wanted as a holiday home in Italy through Windrush. And everytime, when I tell people the story of how that happen, they all thought it was oddly bizarre yet perfect. I was randomly dropping emails to a few property agents in Italy for a few months, and one day, a very keen agent from Calabria called me (spoke English!), telling me to come to Pizzo as I would fall in love with it. I have never considered buying in Pizzo or even heard of Pizzo before.

I told Neil Walker, if you can find me a house that fits this vision I had in my mind, then I will come. “I want to look out of my living room balcony, and I can see cobblestone street in the old Italian town. I want to be able to be able to wake up and have coffee on rooftop, enjoying the sunrise and the ocean. And I want to be able to walk down that cobblestone street, in my white dress, floppy straw hat & basket, buying fresh bread from the friendly Italian shopkeepers who would greet me by my name….and I can walk all the way from the main piazza, along the tiny alleys to the marina to enjoy the sunset and a cocktail”

Instead of thinking I was crazy, Neil told me to book my flight, he will meet me at the airport and all I need to do is just get ready to move in. He found me the house I described above – on my first visit, on my very first day in Pizzo.

My friends told me I could have gotten a better deal if I had dealt with the locals myself, but not knowing much Italian, I was glad I chose to engage Neil and Windrush to help me throughout the whole purchase process with banks, legal, architect and maintenance service. They have made the whole experience very convenient and reassuring for me. It was worth it – it gave me peace of mind as I had a hectic work schedule back in London. I love the house and I have enjoyed every single moment making it my home.

Christina Chan

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