“Out of sight, out of mind”. Clutter creates stress, de-clutter and enjoy your personal space all the more.
Apple, in their capacity as a Storage Services Intermediary, is affiliated with a number of Storage Specific Companies based on the ground in Southern Italy.

We as an Intermediary, may provide a broad range of Storage Solutions, ranging from Short to Long term Facilities and from Self Service to Full Service Options, not to mention a very competitive price.


Apple storage provides all kinds of storage facilities to meet extra storage needs for your home or office. Apple provides secure lock-ups, self storage units and systems which are available in a range of sizes, and can be used to store any extra things you might want to clear away to make more space in your home or office.

The storage units at Apple can be used for short or long term, and rates and pricing depend on the duration of the rental space and also on the size of the storage unit that you are planning to rent.


Our storage services are aimed to provide you comfort and ease in storing your goods at our facility. The benefits of our storage services are given below:
  1. Your goods are safe and monitored
  2. Easily accessible location – Close to Motorway Salerno/Reggio
  3. Apple Storage allows you to expand your business without expanding your premises
  4. Apple Storage allows you to increase the amount of space you need as you need it
  5. Appointments must be made to access all storage areas
  6. Store all your files easily and securely
  7. Keep your business records safe
  8. Storage units available in different sizes. 25sq. ft. to 300sq. ft
  9. Courier & removal service
  10. Free parking
  11. Van hire available
We provide residential as well as commercial storage facilities to our customers in Southern Italy. Find out more about our residential storage services and commercial storage facilities below.


More and more companies are looking for office storage facilities to store files, furniture, machinery and excess stock. Apple Storage provides extra storage space for offices and businesses. We pride ourselves in having the ability to meet the storage requirements of business customers. Find out more about our commercial storage solutions.


If you are looking for a home storage solution, then Apple Storage can help you. We understand the needs of personal storage and the problems associated with domestic and residential storage. Our mini self storage units can take care of your personal and home storage needs so you can have more space available at home.
For more information in relation to our Storage facilities or our New Property Service Package please do not hesitate to contact us at info@appleconsulting.it
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