“Stylishly furnish your home-away-from-home with complete peace of mind.”
Apple Consulting can provide you with a desirable Furniture Solution regardless of your location within Italy. We assure you that this is the perfect solution for your new home.

Our furniture packages contain everything you are going to need for your new property. Whether you have bought your property as an investment or you intend to live abroad full time, one of our furniture packages is sure to suit your needs.
  1. The hassle-free way to furnish your home
  2. An authentic Italian Furniture Package to suit any budget in Italy
  3. All delivered and installed FREE OF CHARGE
  4. Once you have decided on the furniture package which meets your requirements, hand over your keys to us and we will do the rest
  5. Your property will be transformed from an empty shell into a home that you will be proud to show to your friends and family.
  6. No need to waste your valuable holidays shopping around for furniture
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Our Interior Design Service is the personalized way to get the designer look you want without the high cost. Your Personal Design Plan Typically includes:
  1. Custom Floor Plans /Furniture Layout
  2. A written Summary of your personal design recommendations and suggestions. Often, we find that it is helpful for our clients to have the “Why” behind our design process so they can successfully carry out the design process.
  3. Accessories, ART AND Lamp Recommendations to compliment the overall design style of your new room.
  4. Paint Colour Suggestion(s) to complement the lock and unify the space.
  5. Professional Interior Design Tips that help answer questions that may arise during the process, questions such as what finish of paint should I use and how do I read my floor plans?
  6. Furniture Specifications. Most recommended furniture will be items that you can source locally. Detailed instructions, including fabric specifications, size details, web site links and current pricing, will be included
  7. A Personalised Project Binder that helps you to save all room details in one organized location and refer to as needed.
  8. You will receive a beautiful package with your custom room formula within approximately three weeks of completing your order.
  9. Paint Colour Suggestion(s) to complement the lock and unify the space.
  10. We can also provide a Taylor made service for larger properties with extensive out-door areas. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.
We also partnership with some international companies who can offer our clients consultation in some major cities worldwide. Moscow and London to mention but a few.


Apple Consultants are practiced and experienced in supplying Kitchens of the highest quality to suit all tastes and budgets. Our Kitchens are fully inclusive of all the vital items needed to rent your overseas property immediately, and are delivered by suppliers who meet the highest of standards.
  1. We listen to the wants and needs of each individual client, providing advice, options and recommendations specific to the individual property.
  2. We realize that an investor who purchases a property to generate rental income may have varying needs to somebody who has purchased their perfect holiday home.
  3. You can sleep easy knowing that there are consultants working on your behalf ensuring you receive the ideal furniture pack, for you and your property.
  4. We will work with you on the functional aesthetic needs of your Kitchen. We will design the kitchen that meets your dreams and expectations

For more information in relation to our Furniture/Kitchen Service, please request our  New Property Service Package

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