“There are particular Legal Criterion which must be satisfied in order to effect a lawful Purchase in Italy; namely: -“

1. The Attainment of a Fiscal Code.

2. The Registration Procedure before the local Notary.

Such criteria are as such intertwined with your Investment Overseas – in real terms unavoidable processes which must be diligently attended to and executed before any venture on Italian soil may be advanced.

Rest at ease and be assured, these processes are relatively standard and simple in their administration; that is once you have the right local representation in place. The advantage of a locally based representative acting on your behalf is that all procedures are recorded and guaranteed for your protection and assurance.

In this instance, we would like to extend the services of our professionally competent Legal and Financial Team to you for your convenience. Locally based and accustomed to the typical procedures on the ground in Southern Italy, the Legal Team may offer you an efficient and cost effective solution, rather than enduring the bewildering alternative where you should choose to undergo the procedure alone and without professional assurances.


The Fiscal Code is quintessential to many basic transactions in Italy. A term one should familiarize oneself with prior to the big move. If you are considering a move to Italy, there is simply no avoiding this registration process. Why not instruct Apple to handle this issue for you prior to your arrival and on arrival just collect your documentation?

The “Numerical Fiscal Code” is required for the most ordinary of transactions; such as opening a Bank Account, buying a SIM Card for your Mobile or even in some instances purchasing Cigarettes from the local vending machines.

In short, a small procedural matter which may be easily dealt with by a well informed and local representative; such as the Apple Legal & Financial Team.

Through the Apple Legal & Financial Team we ensure that a small matter does not escalate and become a great hindrance further down the line.

Then on your arrival we may easily explain all to you as we have Multi-lingual Staff proficient in all European Tongues as well as in the peripheral Eastern European Tongues such as Polish and Russian.


When engaging in a Purchase in Italy, it is compulsory that all Contracts related to the Sale of Land are completed in the presence of the Public Notary, in order to be lawfully binding on all parties concerned.

The Notary is an Official Government Representative which is charged with carrying out all legal and statutory checks on Property and its other related documentation.

Land Registration and Planning Permission are two very notable duties undertaken by the Notary as well as much more ancillary issues.

They use all the combined information to prepare the Title Deed on each specific property.

To provide full transparency to our Clients, Apple Consulting offers a “fully comprehensive Notary Service” to all our client via our Legal & Financial Team:
  1. A detailed explanation of the completed process including costs.
  2. Optional power of attorney facility.
  3. Local Notary Listings
  4. Translation of all Deeds
  5. Our In House Legal Department is on hand to assist you throughout the entire process.
  6. Multi-lingual capabilities in all dealings


Through our in-house legal department we have identified that most non-European clients would look upon the Visa & Residency situation as being one of the most important issues when purchasing a property overseas, especially in Europe, that is why we have instigated our legal department to prepare all the correct information and procedures for our non-European clients buying in Italy.

The Apple Team would be happy to talk to any potential or existing client through the ins and outs of the whole process.
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