“Should you, the Client, have purchased with a view to a Lucrative Investment or simply as a Lifestyle Choice in Italy.”


it is advisable that you seriously consider your Property Maintenance plans for the foreseeable future.

Should you be Foreign to Italy, being currently and ordinarily based away from the Property concerned, we at Apple Consulting would recommend that the very next most prudent step is to have the Property Managed on your behalf.

We at Apple would like to extend to you our comprehensive Property Management Solutions in this instance, to ensure that your investment continues to flourish after sale.

1.  Solutions specifically designed to maintain and appreciate the value of our Clients Property over time.

2. A real ongoing concern is depreciation in the Marketplace due to sub-standard maintenance


1. Professionally tailored to suit you Property requirements.

2. On-Site Project Manager to oversee proceedings.

3. Should you dictate a particular requirement which is not standard to our solution package, then we can make arrangements necessary to provide for your special needs through our wide net of Agents and Affiliated Businesses both local and abroad.


1.  We operate on a personal and local level

2. Should you wish to view the property before it completes, have a meeting face to face with the builder and generally inspect the Property, we can make all these arrangements for your convenience.

Apple Consulting can provide for your every current need and even the unforeseen event:

1. Hotel Bookings, Visa Arrangements, Airport Collections are all provided as part of our comprehensive service for your convenience.

2. What’s more while you are here in Italy we are at your disposal to ensure that your visit is as pleasant and hassle free as possible.

Post Completion we concentrate our efforts on your Tenancy requirements and happily accommodate other House Guests you happen to have, again for your convenience.

We offer many ancillary services in this instance such as an Airport Collection Service for any Tenants/Guests due to reside in your property. Prior to their arrival, we would ensure that everything is in order, the household is aired and clean linen is available etc.

In time, should you wish to rent on a grander scale to general tourism; Apple Consulting may provide:

1.  Complete Inventory of all the items in the Property for future reference.

2. A viable costing structure will be applied to your particular Property type taking into consideration all the normal influential factors such as location etc in collaboration with your personally Rental Income requirements.

3. A refundable Deposit scheme is utilized and all payments must be made in advance by the Tenant either directly to your account or to our Intermediary Account held on trust for your convenience. In the unlikely event of damages or theft, the client will be bound to meet these costs. However, this will be covered by a pre-paid deposit.

Apple Consulting understands that a property venture overseas in a foreign environment can be a daunting prospect, however, when you have the correct representation in place, the process is an enjoyable one, merely part and parcel of the whole adventure.
For more information in relation to our Property Management Service or our New Property Service Package please do not hesitate to contact us at
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