“When you complete on your overseas property purchase, it is very important to ensure that the Rental element is in place.”
We provide an extensive range of services to ensure full satisfaction and hassle free renting for the owner and tenant.


Long term rental contracts in Italy are usually over a 12 month period, however, this is at the owner’s discretion. We are dedicated to not only the assistance through the initial purchase process, but the ongoing property and rental management of your product also. We provide an on call 24/7 service that keeps you up-to-date at all times and is there to assist.

1. We manage your property throughout its rental periods. Correct, professional attention and maintenance of all rental products is imperative to secure initial and repeat business. Inspection visits to your property are a great way of marketing to potential clients. We make a point of eradicating all potential problems before they arise;

2. To ensure a high level of clientele, a strict qualification process is followed to confirm payment and viability of the consumer and to protect you and your property;

3. All initial payments on the property will be collected and transferred for you to a bank account of your choice. Following this first stage either the client will set up a direct debit or we can continue to do this on your behalf until the termination of contract;

4. An inventory is created and double checked at the start and the end of every rental contract;

5. To ensure the rental potential is maximised we will arrange future viewings whilst the property is still occupied over the final month of occupancy, thus resulting in a fluent client change over.



You will be looking at a rental period of 6 to 12 weeks initially (worst case scenario) further increasing as the property, area and development matures. The day to day upkeep of the property including all cleaning, laundry and welcome packs will be charged to the property owner, however these services are optional.

1.  All the short term rental income will be paid in to your bank account monthly. Any of the charges for the services stated above will be deducted from the total amount. Everything we agree will be stipulated in a formal agreement prior to rental;

2. The accommodation is always paid in advance by the relative client or tour operator along with an agreed deposit. Following the inventory and damage check, the deposit, should all be present and correct will be returned;

3. On a short-term rental basis, no extensions are granted and this is legally stated for your protection so as not to disrupt your rental schedule;

4. The immediate procedure of preparation for the next tenant is underway at the moment the previous client checks out, so as to maximise the potential of the unit;

5. Services we offer for holiday rentals: 1. The “Meet and Greet” at the airport that welcomes your client to Calabria and your property. Alternately we can arrange directions to be sent to the client prior to their visit; 2. “Welcome Packs” are arranged for the client’s arrival to ensure a good first impression is made and all round comfort is achieved;

For more information in relation to our Rental Service and Management Packages please request our New Property Service Package please do not hesitate to contact us at
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