As a Company, we concern ourselves entirely with the processes on the ground in Italy which occur after the sale has been agreed, or alternatively we provide an advisory service for both National and International Prospective Clients considering an investment on a product in Italy.

The Business Infrastructure we have in place is designed to deal specifically with such post sale and consultancy issues and we purposefully place marked emphasis on the quality of services carried out by our Representatives.

Our Services are well established and just as well received; as the processes after sale within Italy are often time consuming and can be very difficult to maintain from a foreign vantage point. We provide the local knowledge and orientation as we are entirely Italian Owned and we maintain our staff at Registered Offices local to the Southern Italian Region of Calabria.

Our approach to business is conducted with a view to efficiency, competency and transparency. As we are an Italian Company, our primary concerns are within the Emerging Marketplace of Italy, but we do also have other international Concerns throughout Europe and the Americas.

As we often put it: – “Locally based, Internationally minded”

We deliver a Professional Service with a Personal Touch and ensure that the Client is at all times fully aware of the processes employed to meet their specific requirements.

There are a broad range of matters arising from a current Overseas Investment, which require ones full continued attention that which many Investors are simply not in the position to do.

As we predominantly concern ourselves with the Aftersales Market, we have identified these pertinent issues and accordingly we have put in place a similarly diverse and thorough package of services in order to meet the many requirements of our valued Clients. What’s more, this is all conducted from a local and well informed Italian standpoint, in close proximity to the actual Objects concerned.

“Consult Apple today…..keeps your worries at bay”
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