Roy & Wendy Kelly – UK – Property in Capo Vaticano

Having decided to sell our home in Cape Town, South Africa and relocate to the warmer climates of Europe. We were drawn to Southern Italy due to warm sea’s fantastic food and wine and the friendly welcome from local Italians wherever we looked.

We first met one of Windrush Alliance’s (Apple Consulting sister company) representatives Richard at Lamezia Airport in 2009. His friendly manner and knowledge of the area was a great help to us in the early stages of our search for our dream home in Italy. We look back on that day now and smile, as we had told Richard we would not be an easy client as we had very specific expectations.

Through Windrush Alliance we eventually found our dream home. The search leading up to the purchase of our property took a period of 18 month which involved many trips to Italy from our home in England and over this period we viewed many properties. Richard & Paola always made us feel that finding our dream home would come true and when things didn’t work out on a particular property they simply never gave up giving us the help we required in our search.

On what turned out to be our final viewing trip over a long weekend which entailed viewing several properties we found our dream home! We are over the moon with our property and after a period of going through the planning permission, finding builders etc we have successfully renovated and moved in. Paola and Richard are always at hand and continue to look after our bills, helped us to open a bank account and give us advice and help whenever required. We cannot speak more highly of them, they are a very organized and professional company, nothing is too much trouble and we are very pleased to be able to say that we have become very good friends.

As promised to Paola we are now taking Italian lessons, it is not easy at our age but we do laugh at each other while we learn and find perseverance works and now when we visit Calabria we understand a lot more and are becoming confident in speaking in Italian.

Once again thank you,  for making our dream come true.

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