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Apple Consulting 5-Star Review

We, (my husband and I) have been extremely pleased with the standard of services offered by Apple Consulting.

Six years ago, on a preliminary visit to Calabria, we were shown various properties by the company. They ensured we became acquainted with the region, and having made our decision to purchase, they were extremely helpful and efficient in facilitating the whole process particularly in the light of our minimal knowledge of the Italian language at that time.

Over the last six years the whole team has fulfilled the promises made to us, and have looked after every aspect of the management of our home, for instance the internal maintenance, the garden maintenance, the payment of utilities and condominium fees and the solving of internet problems while we are not in residence. What is more they have accomplished this with courtesy and an uncanny ability to solve all problems that arise.

Ludmila in particular is an excellent ambassador both for the company and the Italian way of life. She has become a friend. Ludi has gone out of her way to make sure we are welcome in Calabria and has invited us to various festivities and excursions such as wine tasting, truffle hunting and trekking. She has introduced us to other ‘stranieri’, makes fantastic restaurant recommendations, and even lets me play tennis with her and her friends! All is done with a twinkle in her eye and her boundless enthusiasm and sense of fun.

Apple can also arrange other services such as car hire, and the rental of our property to tourists in the summer months.


We can highly recommend Apple Consulting. They do what they say they can do, and do it very well.  In our opinion, they achieve a 5-star review for their help with purchasing, maintaining and supervising our home in an efficient and friendly manner over the last six years.

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