Olsson Family

Hi Richard!

The process to buy a apartment in Italy is so much more difficult than in Sweden, you have a lot more rules and administration than we are used to.
I do not think that we could have done this without the help of Apple consulting.

It took a lot of time planning the renovation and finding all the material, furniture and equipment for the apartment.
It is very difficult for us to make the orders online due to all websites is in Italian.
Thanks to Apple consulting the orders was done.

To be able to improve for the future you must understand that everything in Italy is not the same in other countries, so it is good to explain for us why some things are like it is in Italy.
A lot of things is totally new for us.
So some misunderstanding happened due to lack of communication.

We think that you helped us to make our dream come true and there is lot of more people like us that would like to do this if they can read about our experience.

We already feel like home in Italy

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