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An account of my experiences with my purchase of an apartment via Windrush Alliance in Pizzo.

I got in touch with the company the first time when I visited Pizzo in the summer of 2016 when my brother bought an apartment in the complex Borgonovo the summer before. I had been to Calabria several times before, but it was my first trip to Pizzo. I fell in love with the small town, its surroundings and not least all the people.

I thought that the standard of the apartments in Borgonovo was high and the staff I met were professional and pleasant. At home I started thinking about buying an apartment in Pizzo and for me it was obvious for many reasons to choose Borgonovo.

The process of buying an apartment in another country over the telephone is a different experience. The broker that I talked to and negotiated with by phone was very knowledgeable, professional but also nice and down to earth. I felt that I had come into the right hands and that it was quite the right decision to let Windrush Alliance handle my first international house purchase. The purchase and transfer of the apartment to me went very smoothly. I have always been well met by all the staff and very well looked after. I got help with the renovation and interior design. Regardless of whether I email or call and whether the questions are big or small, I always get help and it always comes to an end.

I am very pleased with the other services that the company provides, such as check-in, check-out and cleaning. Having Windrush Alliance in the background when you as a resident are in Pizzo is irreplaceable. The feedback I received from many of my guests is that there are few places that have such a service and that they appreciated it enormously.

I have had many good moments in Pizzo but also some inferior ones such as when a water pipe burst into the property and my apartment became damp damaged. Although this is not part of everyday life for the employees at Windrush Alliance, they handled this whole event very professionally. I received regular updates about the conversations they had with lawyers and insurance companies. Certainly, you need a little patience, but everything was arranged and now the apartment is renovated, and you cannot see any trace of the event.

Whoever reads this may notice that one of my best decisions in my life has been my decision to buy an apartment in Pizzo, Calabria. I have a place in Italy where I can go and spend time with loved ones, eat wonderful food and just enjoy life.

Certainly, it can be a bit disorganized at times and of course things can fall between the chairs. The people are waving their arms and screaming when they talk to each other and the car driving can be a nightmare, but you have to count on that. After all, it is Calabria. That’s exactly what it should be. Intensive but with a lot of love.

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