Mark & Caroline – Glenties, Donegal

In 2016, I made a phone call to Apple Consulting after viewing their site on-line. A friend of mine had heard about their services for international clients and sent me a link to their website. My wife and I had purchased a couple of beachfront Apartments in Pizzo that summer and badly needed someone to handle the property management side of things for us. We both live and work in Ireland and really we would only get the opportunity to spend a few weeks in Calabria each year.

We had finance arranged initially in Calabria, through the Bank which allowed us to make the purchase in the first place. As a result we really needed to see some rental income from our Apartments in Pizzo, but we didn’t know where or how to begin with the Rental process in Southern Italy.

After getting Apple Consulting on board, our Property is now managed year round and kept well maintained for us. They market our Property for rent with great success, qualify the Tenants, handle the whole process, do the cleaning, everything.

They also arrange that the deposit and rents are paid directly to my Bank Account. Apple Consulting take a very reasonable fee off me for it, and to be honest, I would of quiet happily paid much more for such good service and reassurance. If I were to take on the whole thing myself I would have spend countless of hours and euro’s in the effort and most probably would not have got a tenth of the rental yields I currently enjoy. What can I say, I would highly recommend this Company to anyone looking to have Property Managed or rented out there in Southern Italy. I think they offer a whole range of other services too but I didn’t really require them myself, I would look into it though.

Many thanks and good luck to you all. Mark & Caroline – Donegal

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