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Aftersales Service

Our main concern and objective is providing Quality Customer Care after sale and further still.

Our Solutions are competitive:

  • Exclusive After Sales Solutions – designed with a view to meeting a whole range of requirements determined as being typical to Property in Italy.
  • Services identified as in demand but not in general supply – provide such services as are not typically provided on the International Market - unique and innovative, very user-friendly.
  • A truly comprehensive and full board services package is at your disposal should you wish to avail of its benefits.
  • The costing structure is very competitive and we can guarantee that soliciting these services individually would cost a great deal more than we currently offer in conjunction with many concerned local and international businesses.
  • Multi-lingual Members of Staff.

Our Guarantee

As a result of our long-standing relationships with a wide range of businesses and individuals in Southern Italy we are able to confidently guarantee a fully comprehensive service to all our clients, whatever their personal requirements be. We recognize that each individual homeowner will have different wants and needs and so the services provided reflects this variety in their application.

We will ensure that your home receives the best possible care and attention – ensuring that your investment matures and appreciates over the days, months and years ahead. With Apple Consulting, you may rest assured that your investment is in safe hands.

We will be your representative on the ground in Southern Italy, contactable 24/7, so that when your property is vacated it is not neglected, rather it is well-appointed and cared for with attention to detail, such as you would.

Our Services

Congratulations on having chosen your ideal Italian Property and signing all the relevant documentation! Now, the next step is to get your property and such in order to protect your investment(s).

Our comprehensive finely-tuned services ready, available and at your disposal; are as follows: -

Legal & Financial Solutions
Apple Legal Services
Codice Fiscale
Visa & Residency Consultancy
Apple Finance Services
Property Solutions
Property Management
Furniture Solutions
Kitchen Solutions
External Gardening & Landscaping Solutions
Client Convenience Solutions
Day-to-Day Solutions
Interpreter Solutions
Storage Package Solutions
Commercial Solutions
Import & Export - Apple Purveyor
Tour Operator Solutions


For more information in relation to our AfterSales Services or our New Property Service Package please do not hesitate to contact us at