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Tour Operator

As a proud Italian company we are passionate in our role as ambassadors of Italy.

we at all times aim to inform and envelope the International Tourist on all things quintessentially Italian.

As we often say to the Prospective Client -

"..When you take into full consideration Italy's colourful heritage and grand disparate landscapes, white sands and turquoise seas,.. ..,at one time or another the benefactor of the great Empires of the Classical Era; namely the Byzantines, Greeks and Romans;.; the modern day Tourist surely must appreciate that there is indeed something inherently alluring and entirely intoxicating about this Land.."

.And if you are in any doubt as to Italy's capacity to awe-inspire, let the team at Apple Consulting begin to reassure you, at your leisure and personal convenience."


Please click on the below link to view all the excursions we currently have on offer.

Excursion Packages - Full Information

For more information in relation to our Tour Operator Service or our New Property Service Package please do not hesitate to contact us at