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Наверное каждый, кто хоть раз задумывался о покупке недвижимости за рубежом, согласится с тем, что данное мероприятие является не только материально, но и морально затратным делом жизни. Для того, чтобы долгожданная покупка состоялась, недостаточно только выбрать подходящий объект в понравившемся месте, но и убедиться в юридической чистоте предстоящей сделки. Также немало важным аргументом является выбор обслуживающей компании, способной качественно и профессионально выполнять весь спектр услуг, связанный с поддержанием недвижимости в приемлемом состоянии. В результате общения с несколькими управляющими компаниями, пришел к выводу, что наиболее компетентной из них на рынке недвижимости южной Италии является Windrush. На мой взгляд, эта компания способна качественно и профессионально оказывать весь спектр услуг, будь-то сопровождение сделки купли-продажи или постпродажное обслуживание клиентов, включающее весь спектр вопросов, связанных с проживанием в регионе.

С уважением,
Асланов Павел Portoada Park
Date of Posting: 06 October 2014
Posted By: Aslanov

We had dreamed of buying in Southern Italy for a long time and were viewing properties for the last few years while on holidays, we kept returning to Calabria after our first visit because it is so natural and untouched. The area was then generally not a tourist destination which also really appealed to us, just wanting to get away from it all. We found a beautiful three story Villa overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea one day in a beautiful spot called Capo Vaticano in Calabria. Turn Key ready and with the most beautiful Romanesque features. Very, very cheap too in comparison to the rest of the Properties we had viewed in the past across the Mediterranean, for the similar quality and location. This time we had made up our minds to buy. Just before we did make payment the economy crashed. We had to put the purchase on hold for a while because we weren't certain we would have the free funds. As it happened we were right to hold off. If anything the cheap house prices are still as cheap now if not cheaper, the area has gained much more international interest in the meantime though so we decided we would have to buy asap or risk loosing the Property, which we had been paying a reservation fee on. This time though we required a mortgage, which is basically impossible to obtain in the States at the moment. So we found a solution, we hired this great local company Apple Consulting. They explained the buying process to us in detail over the phone, in English, then they arranged to fly us over on a competitive corporate package that they offer to their clients; as we wanted to speak with them in person over the finer details. So they got us our fiscal codes, which you need before you do things like open a bank account or even get a sim card. They got finance approved for us through a bank that they are affiliated with, got us 70 pc, we were delighted. They have a Legal &Financial Team who help you out with all these things, and can give all the information you need for peace of mind. They took us to the Notary, which is like their Government Land Registry Offices, and did all the checks on Title and the rest. They handled everything really and Simon and I are really grateful to these guys for helping us realize our dream in moving to Calabria, which we will be doing in the next month or so. Again, thank you very much to the Apple Consulting Team, wouldn't have done it with out you guys. See you soon on the Costa degli Dei. Simon Roberts. Should you like to avail of our services please do not hestiate to contact us further"

Date of Posting: 07 July 2014
Posted By: Paul &Simon - California

I have Villa property in Zambrone, Calabria region. Big site and lots of room for garden near to beach. No garden in place when I buy. I need landscape and maintenance for property but I have not good Italian or English. Difficult for arrange in Calabria with persons by myself. Find Apple Consulting online, see are in Calabria, ring from Moscow. Have Russian speaker, English Speaker & Italian Speaker. They deal with me easy and say no problem, can arrange for me. I was surprised it so easy. Visit my property last month and it is like new. Soil and water system and fencing now on site. Look very nice. Meet with Garden man quickly when on visit, who company arrange at my request. He bring plants and everything for me to see. I pick and say yes, this is good, that is good. He will put in the ground and return every couple of week to maintain. Service very good. Good company. Good persons. High recommendation. Thank you. Sergey D"

Date of Posting: 07 July 2014
Posted By: Sergey - Moscow

I made a phone call to Apple Consulting October last after viewing their site on-line. My lovely wife and I had purchased a couple of beachfront Apartments in Pizzo that summer and badly needed someone to handle the property management side of things for us. We both live and work in Ireland and really we would only get the opportunity to spend a few well-deserved weeks in Calabria each year. We had got 70 pc finance arranged initially in Calabria, through the Bank that the Real Estate company recommended; which allowed us to make the purchase in the first place. As a result we really needed to see some rental income from our Apartments in Pizzo, but we didn't know where or how to begin with the Rental process in Southern Italy and the Company we initially bought through couldn't help us either. Anyway, after getting Apple Consulting on board, our Property is now managed year round and kept well maintained for us. They have a range of Agents around the world, they then can market our Property for rent with great success, qualify the Tenants, handle the whole process, do the cleaning.everything, and what's important is they make sure that there Is a smooth transition process from one Tenant to the next, meaning I get the most rent I can from my property and its idle as little as is possible, off course there are certain rental periods which are low season, as anywhere else, but again Apple Consulting ensure the property is kept fresh and clean, ready for their imminent arrival. They also arrange it that the deposit and rents are paid directly to my Bank Account less their fee or instruct the Tenant to put a direct debit in place and bill us accordingly. Either way, Apple Consulting take a very reasonable fee off me for it, and to be honest, I would of quiet happily paid much more for such good service and reassurance. If I were to take on the whole thing myself I would have spend countless of hours and euro's in the effort and most probably would not have got a tenth of the Rental yields I currently enjoy under the Apple Consulting banner. What can I say, but I would highly recommend this Company to anyone looking to have Property Managed or rented out there in Southern Italy. I think they offer a whole range of other services too but I didn't really require them myself, I would look into it though. Many thanks and good luck to you all. Mark O'Donnell.”

Date of Posting: 07 July 2014
Posted By: Mark & Caroline - Glenties, Donegal

We made our way to an International Property Exhibition a few years ago in London. After a good look around, we found a detached Villa just perfect for us near the beach in Tropea, Calabria. It was exactly what we had been looking for all those years, we decided there and then to reserve the Villa, being careful to ensure our dream home wouldn't be sold before we had a chance to inspect it more closely. After a successful viewing trip we were certain we had indeed found our dream property and the area was simply breathtakingly beautiful, needless to say, before we left we put down the first installment on the Villa. Even though we could not fault the Sales team and the lovely guys who really looked after us while visiting, once we had signed the preliminary contracts and returned home, we found that communications more or less stopped. We left message after message with the Sales Staff who really weren't able to help us, even with basic requests like build progress reports on our Property and the like, they were just to busy with Sales. We were amazed, thinking that such basic requests after sale would have been a standard service. It transpired that this is not the case, the norm is quiet the opposite. I can't express then how relieved we were after speaking with Apple Consulting in Calabria on our very next visit. They immediately reassured us, as their whole business is actually geared towards after sales services alone. They answered all our many questions, really made life a lot less stressful for us. I would highly recommend anyone who has bought in the region to Apple Consulting for your after sales needs, they will look after every last detail for you and the cost is really very reasonable. I would even recommend them as someone to get some sound advice from prior to purchasing in Calabria, they have a lot of local knowledge, are based locally and the Manager is a lovely local lady who has perfect English and a very pleasant manner. Nice people, efficient service, no hassle.”

Date of Posting: 07 July 2014
Posted By: William & Miki - Bristol

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