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Your input is important to us. Please provide your valuable feedback. Here are some testimonials from our clients:

Karin & Pelle Schollin, tonåringarna Ebba, Eric & Ellen & Jack Russel ALLIS

”Fantastisk hög servicenivå från första visning till sista slutbesiktning av vår nybyggda lägenhet i Roseto Beach Club.

Ovärderlig assistans under hela byggtiden. Ständig feedback. Tryggt att följa byggprocessen på distans (Höganäs 2650 km norr om Pizzo).

Professionell hjälp med alla legala dokument, bankkontakter, lokala hantverkare, slutbesiktning, ja allt Du önskar.

Utan all hjälp från Windrush & Apple Consulting hade denna affär aldrig lyckats.

Vi är helnöjda och kommer med glädje att fortsätta vårt samarbete”

Date of Posting: 06 October 2014
Posted By: Scholin

Our first trip to Calabria was in the summer of 2009. We had already purchased an apartment on Lake Como and thought we’d look into the investment properties available in Southern Calabria. We had done a lot of research and read there were some great buys with tremendous growth potential in that region.
We contacted Richard Hazel’s real estate management group; Windrush Alliance, and set up an appointment to view various properties in the area around Pizzo Calabro. Location and proximity to major highways, airports and train stations were key and the town of Pizzo was just the right place to start. From day one, Richard and his team were always very professional and demonstrated a strong knowledge of the real estate market in Calabria and the opportunities for economic growth.

We viewed a number of properties and decided to buy a two bedroom, two bath apartment with sea views from two balconies and every window. The location was perfect. The Marinella was only 400 meters from the sea and a short 20 minute car ride from Lamezia Airport and train station. Plenty of pizzerias, restaurants and gelaterias were in walking distance and the main center square was a short drive away.

Richard & his team helped us through the entire process from finding legal counsel to navigating the mortgage process and then to the final sale. That was no easy task since we were corresponding back and forth from our home in the USA.

The Windrush Group proved to be a truly turn-key, full service company in practise, where Windrush Alliance handled the sale-related matters, and the Apple Consulting member of the Group looked after all concerns that arose after the sale. After our purchase, Richard’s agents helped us buy all our furniture and accessories. One day Richard personally accompanied me to the mall so I could buy pillows, frames, mirrors, etc for the apartment. He even arranged to have all the furniture set up.

It also turned out that the Windrush Group also offer rental management services via Apple Consulting member; which we have been using since our purchase in 2010. They take care of internet marketing and managing the apartment rentals for us. They even manage the mail and pay our taxes and bills on time.

We have had a great experience with Richard, Paola and their team. We know our investment is always in good hands. We are not just their clients but we’ve become good friends through the years.

Thank you, Richard & Paola!

Donna & Bruce Levin

Marlton, New Jersey, USA

Date of Posting: 06 October 2014
Posted By: Levin

Vi är väldigt nöjda med hur stödet och samarbetet fungerade med Windrush, alltifrån lägenhetsvisningar till juridiska frågor med banker och italienska myndigheter. Vi uppskattade speciellt att de finns på plats, kan den lokala marknaden och har uppbyggda kontakter. Det har också gjort att vi haft stor nytta av Windrush efter att vi köpt lägenheten.

Date of Posting: 06 October 2014
Posted By: Larrson

Having decided to sell our home in Cape Town, South Africa and relocate to the warmer climates of Europe. We were drawn to Southern Italy due to warm sea’s fantastic food and wine and the friendly welcome from local Italians wherever we looked.

We first met one of Windrush Alliance’s representatives Neil Walker at Lamezia Airport in 2009. His friendly manner and knowledge of the area was a great help to us in the early stages of our search for our dream home in Italy. We look back on that day now and smile, as we had told Neil we would not be an easy client as we had very specific expectations.

Through Windrush Alliance we eventually found our dream home. The search leading up to the purchase of our property took a period of 18 month which involved many trips to Italy from our home in England and over this period we viewed many properties. Richard, Paola and Neil always made us feel that finding our dream home would come true and when things didn’t work out on a particular property they simply never gave up giving us the help we required in our search.

On what turned out to be our final viewing trip over a long weekend which entailed viewing several properties we found our dream home! We are over the moon with our property and after a period of going through the planning permission, finding builders etc we have successfully renovated and moved in. Paola and Richard are always at hand and continue to look after our bills, helped us to open a bank account and give us advice and help whenever required. We cannot speak more highly of them, they are a very organised and professional company, nothing is too much trouble and we are very pleased to be able to say that we have become very good friends.

As promised to Paola we are now taking Italian lessons, it is not easy at our age but we do laugh at each other while we learn and find perseverance works and now when we visit Calabria we understand a lot more and are becoming confident in speaking in Italian.

Once again thank you Windrush Alliance for making our dream come true.

Date of Posting: 06 October 2014
Posted By: Kelly

«Никаких проблем для Заказчика !» – так бы я охарактеризовала стиль деятельности “Windrush Alliance ltd.” и “Apple Consulting” - компаний из калабрийского городка Pizzo. Действительно, все вопросы, связанные с арендой «курортной недвижимости», поддержкой отдыхающих на месте, подбором вариантов для покупки недвижимости в Калабрии, оформлением необходимых юридических документов, общением с местными банками, нотариусами, торговыми центрами, строительными организациями, садовниками, сантехниками и т.д. - решаются сотрудниками “Windrush” легко и непринужденно. При этом вопросы можно решать как на месте, так и дистанционно – с помощью телефона, скайпа и электронной почты. А можно и не внедряться в решение вопросов, а только поручить их “Windrush” – и всё будет организовано на высшем уровне ! Искренне благодарна высокопрофессиональной команде “Windrush Alliance ltd.” и особенно – Людмиле Танасьев, осуществляющей всю эту поддержку на русском языке в любое время суток !

Если хотите с минимальными трудностями найти апартаменты или другую недвижимость для аренды или для покупки в солнечной Калабрии, где можно купаться, когда в Москве уже заморозки, - позвоните/напишите в Windrush - и, уверена, Вас не подведут, Вы останетесь довольны !


Date of Posting: 06 October 2014
Posted By: Voevodenko

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