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We made our way to an International Property Exhibition a few years ago in London. After a good look around, we found a detached Villa just perfect for us near the beach in Tropea, Calabria. It was exactly what we had been looking for all those years, we decided there and then to reserve the Villa, being careful to ensure our dream home wouldn't be sold before we had a chance to inspect it more closely. After a successful viewing trip we were certain we had indeed found our dream property and the area was simply breathtakingly beautiful, needless to say, before we left we put down the first installment on the Villa. Even though we could not fault the Sales team and the lovely guys who really looked after us while visiting, once we had signed the preliminary contracts and returned home, we found that communications more or less stopped. We left message after message with the Sales Staff who really weren't able to help us, even with basic requests like build progress reports on our Property and the like, they were just to busy with Sales. We were amazed, thinking that such basic requests after sale would have been a standard service. It transpired that this is not the case, the norm is quiet the opposite. I can't express then how relieved we were after speaking with Apple Consulting in Calabria on our very next visit. They immediately reassured us, as their whole business is actually geared towards after sales services alone. They answered all our many questions, really made life a lot less stressful for us. I would highly recommend anyone who has bought in the region to Apple Consulting for your after sales needs, they will look after every last detail for you and the cost is really very reasonable. I would even recommend them as someone to get some sound advice from prior to purchasing in Calabria, they have a lot of local knowledge, are based locally and the Manager is a lovely local lady who has perfect English and a very pleasant manner. Nice people, efficient service, no hassle.”

Date of Posting: 07 July 2014
Posted By: William & Miki - Bristol

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